The Cité Internationale in Lyon

Name of project: The Cité Internationale in Lyon

Address: The Cité Internationale in Lyon

Category: Ko Kwang uK

Scale of project: 224.000 m2

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    The Cité Internationale, one of the new development hubs in Lyon, is a multi-functional project balancing nature, business, culture and communication.

    Both an architectural and urban project, it covers an area of 15 hectares and consists of a convention center, international hotels (4 stars Hilton hotel and 4 stars Concorde hotel), a casino, a leisure and culture center with the Ciné Cité UGC cinema complex and the Museum of Contemporary Art and a residential sector.

    The architectural and landscape design were aimed at creating an intelligent and functional unit in perfect harmony with the beauty of the natural surroundings.

    The modular scheme was composed of twin buildings, reflected across the main road, which were built in phases. This was the first project to implement the research into “double skin buildings” - between two layers of terracotta and glass there is a hollow space, which acts as a heat exchanger.

    Company: Renzo Piano Building Workshop