Our work force has gained, individually or as a team, significant exposure to projects at all levels. Our team leaders encourage ongoing learning among staff to ensure that our accumulated experience and expertise is continuously reflected in outstanding products for our client.Our deep and relevant expertise and our ability to view design from our clients’ perspective enable us to anticipate questions, challenges and opportunities. We are experts at facilitating the process of decision-making so that critical project objectives are achieved in a reliable and respectful manner.

HighEnd Architecture’s multinational architects, engineers and designers are known throughout the industry for their originality, exceptional leadership skills and brilliant client service. Our staff includes some of the most recognized professionals, consistently advancing the ideals of architecture and design. We believe that leadership is ultimately about creating a way for people to contribute to making something extraordinary happen.

Our team consists of: 

  • 03      Foreign Architects, Urban Planners 
  • 01      Foreign Project Manager 
  • 25      Architects, Urban Planners
  • 07      Civil Structural Engineers, Project Managers
  • 05      Mechanical & Electrical Engineers
  • 05      Civil-Economic Engineers & Quantity Surveyors
  • 06      Architects, Civil and M&E Engineers Collaborators 
  • 15      Administration, Finance-Accounting, Marketing, Business Development, Management Clerks